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FAQs on OMR Scanner   (Optical Mark Recognition Scanner)

People who want to buy Optical Mark Recognition Scanner for OMR sheets scanning mostly think that a special OMR Scanners or OMR Machine is required for OMR Sheet scanning. BUT this is a misconcept.

In the old technology special OMR Scanning Machine was used for OMR Scanning. BUT now with the advancement in OMR Scanning Software, special OMR Sheet Scanner or OMR Scanning Machine are not required.


New concept of OMR Sheet Scanner Software

Addmen provides a OMR Software Solution which does not need costly OMR Scanner Machine.

Use any normal document scanner for OMR answer sheets and OMR application forms.

Reading, Evaluation and Data processing of OMR Sheets is performed by OMR Sheet Scanner Software.


Any scanner model with good speed of scanning can be used for OMR Sheet Scanning.

For scanning of OMR answer sheets any multi-sheet document feeder Scanner or flatbed image scanner can be used.

OMR Software needs no integration with the OMR image scanner. So all models are acceptable. No compatibility issue.

OMR sheets can also be scanned on any PC even if it does not have OMR Software.

Scanner without special features like colour dropping and duplex scanning can also be used.

Photocopier scanners, rezographs and multi-function-machines can also be used for OMR scanning


Do you need a OMR Scanner Machine ?

No, you do not need a OMR Reader Machine. Your purpose of scanning and reading OMR Sheets can be fulfilled very simply using a combo of normal sheet fed document scanner and a OMR Sheet Reader Software.


What type of OMR Scanner should you purchase ?

Your choice of OMR scanner depends on many factors:
  • scanning speed requirement
  • average workload requirement
  • budget for OMR system
  • portability & distributed location requirement
  • There are several beginner level document feed scanners that can be used for OMR sheet scanning at speeds starting from 5-10 ppm. Such scanners can meet a workload of 300 sheets/hr.
  • For higher workload requirements, you need professional document scanners for OMR sheet scanning at a speed of 20-120 ppm and can meet a workload of 1000-5000 sheets/hour for 10000-25000 sheets per day.
  • Users who have a requirement to carry the scanners to different locations for Campus Recruitment and Assessment Tests, have a need for portability. So they cannot use huge OMR Scanner Machines and must essentially procure professional document feeder scanner which are very compact in size.
  • In case the organisation needs to do the scanning at multiple locations, procuring multiple costly OMR machines is not feasible. So you can buy several beginner level document feeder scanners at minimum expense.


Where can I purchase the OMR Scanner ?

You can purchase a multi-sheet document feeder scanner with a suitable speed, locally with your computer vendor. Addmen OMR Software provides you flexibility and independance to use any scanner.

So you can buy your own scanner in your city. No need to buy the sanner from us.

OMR Sheet Scanning Services in India

Some organisations do not require to regularly scan omr sheet, they rarely need it for only one or two recruitment examination or assessment or competition events. So they prefer to take OMR scanning services from an external agency.

Some organisations that are very small and cannot afford to implement OMR Software and document scanner for OMR scanning also can resort to outsourcing of OMR scanning services on regular basis.

However purchasing the OMR sheet reader software and doing the OMR sheet scanning and reading in-house is most economical.


We provide OMR Scanning services for OMR Form Reading & OMR Test Sheet evalaution in India.

Our OMR scanning services are used by several government & big organisations for rercruitment and assessment.

We have good numbers of high speed professional automatic document feeder scanners and a team of experienced professionals to meet any work load requirements.

We deliver complete out sourcing projects from OMR Sheet design & printing to Online OMR Test Results.

Depending upon the need of the organisation we send our OMR scanning equipment & high skilled professionals for scanning and evaluation at the clients campus under their secure arrangements.

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