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OMR sheet scanner

The OMR sheets have to be scanned first as the OMR software reads and evaluates scanned OMR sheets. Most people think that one needs to use a special scanner or OMR scanning machine for scanning the OMR sheets. What many do not realize is that OMR scanners are based on the old OMR technology. The Addmen OMR software is based on the new OMR technology and does not need the old OMR scanning machine. On the other hand, the scanning can be done with the regular document or image scanner.

New technology OMR sheet scanner

The old scanning machine was used for both scanning and reading the sheets. Today, the reading part is done by the OMR software. Only the scanning is done by the scanner. So, there is no requirement for the scanner and software to be compatible with each other. It is also possible to scan the sheets in one computer and transfer it to another PC where the OMR software is installed.

You can use a scanner of any model or brand. A flatbed image scanner and an ADF document scanner can be used for this purpose. The scanner can be a normal one or a professional one that can scan hundreds of sheets in a minute. You do not need to use a scanner that has special characteristics like duplex scanning and color dropping as the OMR software possesses all these characteristics. You can also scan the OMR sheets with the help of the multifunction machines, rezographs and photocopiers.



arrowAny scanner model with good speed of scanning can be used for OMR Sheet Scanning.

arrow1 For scanning of OMR answer sheets any multi-sheet document feeder Scanner or flatbed image scanner can be used.

arrow2 OMR Software needs no integration with the OMR image scanner. So all models are acceptable. No compatibility issue.

arrow3 OMR sheets can also be scanned on any PC even if it does not have OMR Software.

arrow4 Scanner without special features like colour dropping and duplex scanning can also be used.

arrow5 Photocopier scanners, rezographs and multi-function-machines can also be used for OMR scanning

Types of OMR scanners

There are several types of OMR scanners available in the market. The one that you buy would depend on factors like workload, speed requirement, budget and portability.

Workload: If you are an organization that has to scan OMR sheets on a regular basis, it is best to go for a professional scanner. However, if you have to use the OMR scanner and software once in a while, a regular document feed scanner would be enough. Although a flatbed scanner would be sufficient in this case, it would be really time consuming as you have to put one sheet at a time into the scanner.

Speed: While a normal scanner can scan 5-10 sheets in a minute, the professional scanner has the ability to scan 120-150 sheets in a minute. If you have to scan 10000-25000 sheets every day, it would be best to opt for the latter.

Budget: A regular image or document scanner is available at Rs. 10,000. On the other hand, a professional scanner can cost anywhere between Rs. 25000 to Rs. 100000 depending on several factors like speed and the presence of other special characteristics like color dropping, duplex sheet scanning, etc.

Portability: If you need to carry the scanner to different locations for scanning of OMR sheets at client offices or examination centers, portability of the scanner should also be considered while buying one. In such case, buying the old OMR scanning machine would not serve your purpose as it is a bulky equipment. Also, if you have to do the scanning of the same exam at several locations, buying this equipment would be an expensive business. In such cases, you can make use of several regular office scanners.

The OMR scanners can be bought from your local computer vendor. Unlike the old OMR scanning machine, these scanners are readily available in the local market.

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